Een dag in het leven van leraren (video)

Vorig jaar schreef ik dit gedicht voor de internationale lerarendag, deze video volgt 20 leerkrachten van over de hele wereld en past dus pas echt bij World Teacher Day!

Dawn is breaking. Teachers around the world begin their day being parents, partners, energetically charged, ignoring how the coming day will be.

Each region has distinctive features, diversity of peoples and landscapes, its own cultural identity, and yet, there’s something about being a teacher that unites them all, a common purpose. And there they are, in front of children of all colours, ages and social backgrounds, exchanging knowledge and experiences, dreaming of ways to spin the wheel and raise awareness.

The commitment afforded to others is what drives them to be active within their community. They participate outside school hours in unions, co-operatives, in faculty meetings. And once back home, they still are fathers, mothers, spouses, and partners.

The stories intersect in this narrative are equal and differ, with criticism, with reflection, with optimism. Looking for an ideal each day, renewing that commitment each morning. And the collective dream brings us a world in which education is a right and everyone has equal opportunities to participate in quality education.

Directed by Agustin Demichelis
Produced by Mar Candela
Written by Nicolas Levesque
Executive Producers: Open Society Foundations and Education International

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