Op gevaar af je oud te voelen: de nieuwe Beloit-lijst is er met dingen die nieuwe studenten niet hebben meegemaakt

Het is een jaarlijkse confronterende gewoonte: de Beloit Mindset lijst over hun nieuwe studenten die komen studeren. Vaak zeer Amerikaans, maar verschillende voorbeelden zijn ook toepasselijk voor de nieuwe lichting 18-jarigen die binnenkort bij ons aan de hogescholen en universiteiten binnenkomen.

Een greep uit de lijst van dit jaar waarvan ik vermoed dat ze herkenbaar kunnen zijn:

  1. They are the first generation for whom a “phone” has been primarily a video game, direction finder, electronic telegraph, and research library.
  2. Peanuts comic strips have always been repeats.
  3. They have largely grown up in a floppy-less world.
  4. There have always been emojis to cheer us up.
  5. The Panama Canal has always belonged to Panama and Macau has been part of China.
  6. It is doubtful that they have ever used or heard the high-pitched whine of a dial-up modem.
  7. Donald Trump has always been a political figure, as a Democrat, an Independent, and a Republican.
  8. Zappos has always meant shoes on the Internet.
  9. They are the first generation to grow up with Watson outperforming Sherlock.
  10. Amazon has always invited consumers to follow the arrow from A to Z.
  11. In their lifetimes, Blackberry has gone from being a wild fruit to being a communications device to becoming a wild fruit again.
  12. They have always been searching for Pokemon.
  13. Dora the Explorer and her pet monkey Boots helped to set them on the course of discovery.
  14. The seat of Germany’s government has always been back in Berlin.
  15. Jet Blue has always been a favorite travel option but the Concorde has been permanently grounded.
  16. By the time they entered school, laptops were outselling desktops.
  17. There has never been a Coliseum in New York, but there has always been a London Eye on the Thames.
  18. As toddlers they may have dined on some of that canned food hoarded in case of Y2K.
  19. Whatever the subject, there’s always been a blog for it.
  20. Globalization has always been both a powerful fact of life and a source of incessant protest.
  21. A movie scene longer than two minutes has always seemed like an eternity.
  22. Men have always shared a romantic smooch on television.
  23. As toddlers, they may have taught their grandparents how to Skype.
  24. Having another child has always been a way to secure matching tissue to heal an older sibling.
  25. Napster has always been evolving.
  26. Wikipedia has steadily gained acceptance by their teachers.
  27. Justin Timberlake has always been a solo act.
  28. Melissa has always been too nice a name to be attached to a computer macro virus.
  29. The Mars Polar Lander has always been lost.
  30. Women have always scaled both sides of Everest and rowed across the Atlantic.
  31. Bill Clinton has always been Hillary Clinton’s aging husband.
  32. Paleontologists have always imagined dinosaurs with colorful plumage.

Voor de 28 andere, check hier.

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