PISA in Focus over welbevinden, motivatie en angst

Er is een nieuwe PISA in Focus met als onderwerp welbevinden, motivatie en angst.

Wat valt op?

  • In almost all participating education systems, 15-year-old students who report greater motivation to achieve also perform better in the PISA assessment.
  • Students in socio-economically advantaged environments perform better and show greater motivation than students in disadvantaged environments.
  • Motivation, particularly when it is a response to external incentives, is associated with anxiety.

De verschillen in prestaties tussen gemotiveerde en ongemotiveerde leerlingen verschilt van land tot land (let niet op België en Singapore, daar zijn de verschillen niet significant):


Motivation is clearly associated with performance: students who reach higher achieve more. However, the well-being of highly motivated students can suffer if that motivation is spurred only by comparing themselves with others or by others’ expectations. Parents and teachers should reflect on the expectations they hold for students. Low expectations, especially for students in disadvantaged environments, may beget disengagement and a lack of effort; but while setting ambitious goals can help motivate students to work hard at school, students need to understand – and feel – that setbacks and failure are not a source of shame, but a valuable part of learning.

2 gedachten over “PISA in Focus over welbevinden, motivatie en angst

  1. Be careful. The ‘average reader’ reads (1) a causal relation between motivation and achievement and (2) proof of mindset instead of the importance of understanding goal orientation and making good use of it.

  2. Mocht er in de meeste landen grote druk geplaatst worden op slecht presterende leerlingen, maar in ons land niet, dan zou je ook deze samenhang zien…

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