PISA in Focus: pessimisme over het milieu, kinderen versus ouders

Er is een nieuwe PISA in Focus, waarbij wel nog steeds de data van PISA 2015 gebruikt wordt in afwachting van de nieuwe ronde die in december bekend gemaakt wordt. Wat bleken de 15-jarigen toen over het milieu te denken?

  • In 2015, only a minority of 15-year-old students believed that problems related to air pollution, the extinction of plants and animals, clearing forests for land use, water shortages and nuclear waste would improve over the next 20 years. In 12 of the 15 countries and economies that also asked parents about their beliefs, the parents’ responses showed even greater pessimism about these environmental issues than their children’s responses.
  • Children of parents who held pessimistic beliefs about environmental issues tended to be somewhat more pessimistic than other children, while children of parents who held optimistic beliefs tended to be more optimistic. Boys and low-achieving students held more optimistic beliefs than girls and students performing at or above baseline levels of proficiency in science.
  • On average across the 15 countries/economies that participated in this survey, students were most pessimistic about problems related to air pollution, while parents were most pessimistic about water shortages.

Wat tot de volgende conclusie leidt:

At any point in time, multiple generations of humans share the environment of planet Earth and thus a responsibility to preserve it for future generations. Today, however, teenagers and their parents are pessimistic about the future of our planet, and believe that many environmental problems will worsen over the coming decades. Educators should strive to ensure that realistic pessimism does not result in fatalism, but that better knowledge propels children – and their parents – into action, to help find or create the solutions to environmental problems requiring urgent attention.

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