Wat verwachten experten van de komende 50 jaar online? (PEW-bevraging)

Naar aanleiding van de vijftigste verjaardag van het internet bevroeg PEW honderden experten over de komende vijftig jaar. Het zijn natuurlijk (beredeneerde) gissingen, maar de toon is opvallend optimistisch.

Dit zijn de verschillende thema’s die je hier meer uitgebreid kan nalezen:

CREATING A FAIR AND EQUITABLE DIGITAL FUTURE Humanity’s responsibility Digital life will continue to be what people make of it. For a better future, humans must make responsible decisions about their partnership with technology.
Public policy and regulation The age of a mostly unregulated internet will come to an end. Elected officials and technology leaders will move ahead with regulatory frameworks aimed at protecting the public good. The lawless alternative has caused dangerous disruptions across society.
Internet of everything In 50 years, internet use will be nearly as pervasive and necessary as oxygen. Seamless connectivity will be the norm, and it may be impossible to unplug.
Visions of the future From amazing advancements to dystopian developments, experts imagine a wide array of possible scenarios for the world 50 years in the future.
OF 2069
Living longer and feeling better Internet-enabled technology will help people live longer and healthier lives. Scientific advances will continue to blur the line between human and machine.
Less work, more leisure Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools will take over repetitive, unsafe and physically taxing labor, leaving humans with more time for leisure.
Individualized experiences Digital life will be tailored to each user.
Collaboration and community A fully networked world will enhance opportunities for global collaboration, cooperation and community development, unhindered by distance, language or time.
Power by the people Expanded internet access could lead to further disruption of existing social and political power structures, potentially reducing inequality and empowering individuals.
OF 2069
Widening divides The divide between haves and have-nots will grow as a privileged few hoard the economic, health and educational benefits of digital expansion.
Internet-enabled oppression A powerful elite will control the internet and use it to monitor and manipulate, while providing entertainment that keeps the masses distracted and complacent.
Connected and alone The hyperconnected future will be populated by isolated users unable to form and maintain unmediated human relationships.
The end of privacy Personal privacy will be an archaic, outdated concept, as humans willingly trade discretion for improved healthcare, entertainment opportunities and promises of security.
Misallocated trust Digital life lays you bare. It can inspire a loss of trust, often earns too much trust and regularly requires that you take the plunge even though you have absolutely no trust.
“There is no
planet B”
The future of humanity is inextricably connected to the future of the natural world. Without drastic measures to reduce environmental degradation, the very existence of human life in 50 years is in question.


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