Growing up digital, Brits rapport over het digitale in onderwijs

Er is een rapport van de Nuffield Foundation over het digitale in onderwijs in Groot-Brittannië en de resultaten zullen wellicht voor veel (onderwijs)mensen herkenbaar zijn:

  • Putting computers into schools is no guarantee that there will be a positive impact on learning outcomes as measured in high stakes assessment or the development of digital literacy.
  • How digital technologies are used is as important as whether they are used.
  • We don’t have a shared picture of what effective digital pedagogies look like.
  • Teachers may not have opportunities to develop the skills they need to make effective use of technology.
  • The current use and knowledge of computer-based technology in schools and at home is leaving many young people vulnerable to adverse influences and unprepared for the world of work.

Dit is wellicht een van de meer pijnlijke passages in het rapport (cursief door mij):

Research into learning with and about computers often suffers from a dissociation from the main bodies of literature on teaching and learning per se, and in relation to psychology and neuroscience. Baume and Scanlon (2018) make the case that there is an evidence base for seven principles for learning, which are necessary but not sufficient to create the conditions for effective learning regardless of what resources are in use. These include actions by learners and teachers and are, briefly: structure, high standards, learners being active in their learning and acknowledgement of their prior learning and approaches, spending lots of time on task, a collaborative element and effective feedback.

Het rapport geeft ook nog verschillende mogelijkheden voor verder onderzoek aan.

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