Waarom je je zo moe kan voelen na de zoveelste Zoom, Teams, Skype,… sessie

De Learning Scientists verzamelden in hun meest recente digest enkele zeer interessante artikels over iets dat je misschien wel herkent: die online sessies maken meer moe, maar waarom?

  • The Psychological Impact of Video Calls by H LockeThis is an excellent summary article that discusses attention, social-emotional issues, and environmental context issues. While the article applies these issues to user experience research, the concepts are the same for all of us.
  • Why is Video Conferencing so Exhausting by the Viewpoint Research TeamThis brief article applies self-regulation theory to video conferencing.
  • Why Video Chats are So Exhausting by Doreen Dodgen-MageeThis Psychology Today article points out the cognitive dissonance that can derive from watching oneself while simultaneously knowing you should be attending to others.
  • The Reason Zoom Calls Drain Your Energy by Manyu JiangThe author of this article uses social-complexity theory to explain zoom fatigue but also talks about the broader implications of the pandemic as causing an additional layer of fatigue.
  • “Zoom Fatigue” is Taxing Your Brain. Here’s Why That Happens by Julia SklarThis National Geographic article does an excellent job pointing back to the research that underlies each of the issues associated with zoom fatigue, including issues of gaze, collaboration, and attention. The author also discusses the particular struggles that individuals with autism can experience during video calls.


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