Dylan William over effectieve feedback

Dylan William kennen sommigen onder jullie misschien nog van The Classroom Experiment, maar de man is natuurlijk veel meer. In de meest recente editie van Educational Leadership van ASCD staat een artikel van zijn hand over effectief feedback geven en het artikel geeft een sterk overzicht met als motto “Feedback is only successful if students use it to improve their performance.” Nog beter: het artikel is gratis te lezen!

Enkele quotes:

“If the language arts teacher advises the student that his story would be improved by swapping around the third and fourth paragraphs, the student can do this, but he will learn little.The intellectual heavy lifting has been done by the teacher, not the student. Similarly, if a math teacher corrects a student’s arithmetic errors, there’s nothing left for the student to do but note how many of her calculations were incorrect. It’s easy to see why such forms of feedback are unlikely to be effective.”

“To give effective feedback, the teacher needs to know the student—to understand what feedback the student needs right now. And to receive feedback in a meaningful way, the student needs to trust the teacher—to believe that the teacher knows what he or she is talking about and has the student’s best interests at heart. Without this trust, the student is unlikely to invest the time and effort needed to absorb and use the feedback.

The only thing that matters is what the student does with the feedback. If the feedback you’re giving your students is producing more of what you want, it’s probably good feedback. But if your feedback is getting you less of what you want, it probably needs to change.

Finally, talk to your students. Ask them, “How are you using the feedback I’m giving to help you learn better?” If they can give you a good answer to that question, then your feedback is probably effective. And if they can’t, ask them what they would find useful.”

Lees hier het volledige artikel!


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