Wil je Gen Y bereiken, start een beweging

We hebben het al gehad over hoe de jongeren graag iets willen betekenen. Dit past in de huidige beleveniseconomie. Ze zijn misschien niet echt meer een subcultuur, maar willen wel deel uitmaken van een ‘beweging’, een ‘movement’.

Mike Doherty verzamelde 5 tips waaraan zo een beweging dan moet voldoen:

1. Individualism: Enable Gen Y to be creative. They like to personalize experiences and they want the ability to self-aggregate your content. If they like it, they’ll want to embed it on their Facebook pages. (The New York Times allows you to embed but CNN only lets you email a link).

2. In the now: This generation is always on and leads the buzz revolution. Marketers need to draw them into an experience quickly and demonstrate the immediate value. Gen Y is more than twice as likely as pre-Boomers to try the newest/latest version of products so you also have to continually refresh and update content. (Apple.com is much better than Dell.com at refreshing content.)

3. Social interactivity: Facilitate Gen Y’s desire for recognition and connection with others. They index high on “I like to show off my taste and style,” so give them the ability to gain the recognition of being the first one to share new things. A good example is the Victoria’s Secret Pink event during which pics that were posted immediately appeared on stage behind the performers.

4. Authenticity: Communicate on their level. Gen Y is skeptical of authority and process five times faster than most of us, so speak their language in terms of simplicity, abbreviations, fragments and images. Keep directions simple and use images to click on rather than text or drop downs. U.O. (Urban Outfitters) and OMG.com are great at this.

5. Make it fun: Gen Y is experience-oriented; they feel it all. They enjoy absurdity and odd humor, which is why they are hyper-active on YouTube.

Sommige zaken zijn herhaling (authenticiteit), andere zijn voor de hand liggend, maar al bij een fijn lijstje.

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