Julia Shaw over ons geheugen, hoe het te hacken en te manipuleren

Of in het kort:


Make a big memory trace

Try to think of what it feels like to be there, what it looks like to be there, what it smells like to be there. What are you feeling right now? Get a multisensory experience that you can put down in the brain that’s as large as possible.

Write things down

Realise how fallible memory is, and that you’re going to overestimate remembering things in the future, and make notes as quickly as possible and without anyone else, so your memories haven’t been corrupted by other people’s stories.

Make it weird

Try to make associations between things that aren’t normal. Make the memory weird and exceptional. Your memory is better at remembering exceptional things because you’re engaging with the information for longer.

En ook:

Be cautious
If it is important to specifically remember something, think about where did this come from?
Be curious
Other people get things wrong about their memories, so ask them where they came from.
Be kind
Just because someone says something that isn’t true, doesn’t mean they’re lying. They could simply have a false memory.

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