Trends in onderwijs

We hebben het op deze blog regelmatig over onderwijs en regelmatig over trends, maar ironisch genoeg quasi nooit over trends in het onderwijs…

In 2009 update William J. Flynn and Jeff Vredevoogd een lijst van trends die in 2005 op een rondetafel weden vastgelegd door onderzoekers en beleidsmensen uit verschillende disciplines. Een intrigerend lijstje;

  1. Globalization will influence and shape all aspects of teaching and learning.
  2. The wide range of ability, preparedness, background, opportunity, and motivation of higher education students will require more varied and holistic approaches to inclusive learning.
  3. The demand for more experiential, outside learning opportunities will require faculty to respond thoughtfully and proactively.
  4. Colleges and universities will be expected to deliver more education in less space—to increase their learning per square foot.
  5. Advancements in technology will drive ongoing changes in all aspects of college and university life and offer new opportunities to enhance and broaden learning experiences.
  6. Interdisciplinary learning will become increasingly common and popular.
  7. Students will take much greater control of their own learning as proactive producers and managers of their own learning solutions, materials, and portfolios.
  8. The average age of students will continue to rise; the mix of cultures, ages, and learning styles will become increasingly varied and rich.
  9. Competition for students and resources will force colleges and universities to sharpen their brands and identities and to distinguish themselves in new ways.
  10. Colleges and universities will become increasingly important parts of regional economic development, both in creating growth and taking advantage of it.
  11. The structures of educational institutions and the types of employment relationships between them and faculty will continue to multiply; inequities among faculty will cause tensions.
  12. Accountability and assessment tools will continue to become common in defining institutional effectiveness.

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