OESO: waarom voorschoolse en vroegschoolse educatie belangrijk is

Er is een nieuwe Education Indicators in Focus en deze gaat specifiek over het belang van voorschoolse en vroegschoolse educatie.

Wat stelt de OESO:

  • Early childhood education and care programmes (ECEC) have become more accessible in recent years, with high enrolment rates in both early childhood educational development and pre- primary education.
  • The educational results of students at the age of 15 may be partially explained by attendance at pre-primary education, which sharply decreases the likelihood of low performance in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA).

    Om een idee te geven:

  • Pre-primary education can play a strong role in promoting equality at an early age, particularly by targeting disadvantaged groups such as first- and second-generation immigrants.
  • Assuring and monitoring the quality of programmes is key to guaranteeing that early childhood education and care has a positive impact on both equity and performance in education.

Daarom besluit de OESO:

Evidence shows that early childhood education leads to the development of cognitive, social and emotional skills at a young age as well as to better school performance later on. It also creates conditions for lifelong learning and better future professional achievement. Furthermore, efforts to ensure quality early childhood education programmes may help to decrease the level of inequality between students and reduce the impact of socio- economic differences in education.

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