PISA in Focus over de digitale kloof: toegang tot internet is niet genoeg

In de meest recente PISA in Focus ligt de – euh – focus deze keer op de digitale kloof, en wat blijkt: omdat wat men online doet is sociaal bepaald en dus is toegang niet het wondermiddel:

  • Even when all students, including the most disadvantaged, have easy access to the Internet, a digital divide, based on socio-economic status, still persists in how students use technology.
  • In the five Nordic countries, as well as in Hong Kong-China, the Netherlands and Switzerland, over 98% of disadvantaged students have access to the Internet at home. By contrast, in some low- and middle-income countries, many disadvantaged students have access to the Internet only at school, if at all.
  • In 2012, disadvantaged students spent at least as much time on line as advantaged students, on average across OECD countries. In 21 out of 42 countries and economies, disadvantaged students spent more time on line than advantaged students.
  • In all countries/economies, what students do with computers, from using e-mail to reading news on the Internet, is related to students’ socio-economic status. Advantaged students are more likely than disadvantaged students to search for information or read news on line. Disadvantaged students, on the other hand, tend to use the Internet to chat or play videogames at least as often as advantaged students do.

De conclusie:

Disadvantaged students in low- and middle-income countries have fewer opportunities to access the Internet than advantaged students. Reducing this gap is important, but the experience of high-income countries shows that inequalities in the ability to learn using digital tools persist even when all students have easy access to the Internet. Ensuring that every child attains a baseline level of pro ciency in reading will do more to create equal opportunities in a digital world than will expanding or subsidising access

to high-tech devices and services.

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