OESO over beroepsonderwijs

Er is een nieuw Education Indicators in Focus-rapport met als onderwerp deze keer beroepsonderwijs waarin vooral veel zaken staan die eerder herkenbaar lijken zoals dat jongeren bijvoorbeeld sneller afhaken in deze richtingen dan in andere richtingen.

Wat zijn de belangrijkste inzichten?

  • The diversification programmes offered and opportunities to pursue higher- level qualifications play a key role in ensuring that vocational education and training are able to meet labour market needs.
  • Although programmes combining learning in both the school and work environment provide numerous labour market advantages, only 11% of students in upper secondary education are enrolled in combined school- and work-based programmes on average across the OECD.
  • Students are more likely to disengage from – and even drop out of – the education system in vocational upper secondary programmes than general ones.
  • Vocational education and training attracts a very diverse range of students, including youth and adults seeking to improve their technical skills, entry into higher education or those at risk of dropping out of school.

Samengevat krijg je dan:

Vocational education and training can play a central role in preparing young people for work and responding to the labour market needs of the economy. While often neglected in the past, an increasing number of countries are recognising that high-quality vocational education and training can make a major contribution to economic competitiveness. In an unpredictable future where jobs will either disappear or transform, vocational education and training, together with work-based learning, can respond to this challenge by offering an excellent opportunity to nurture the skills employers require.

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