Facebook als favoriete leeromgeving?

Een paar dagen geleden hadden we al observaties over mobiele telefoons in het onderwijs gebaseerd op eerste resultaten van onderzoek, ook dit zijn resultaten die nog niet gepubliceerd zijn, maar die binnenkort wel in een paper zullen opduiken. Ik vond ze dankzij een tip van @Flatworldbuzz, waarvoor dank!

“These data are from a follow-up to a Twitter study we conducted a few years ago using first-year students. We interviewed these students a year after the original study. While we found some interesting things about their preferences for technology use including their use of learning management systems, I don’t want to spoil the surprise as we’re writing those results up for an upcoming paper. When we asked students what they thought about using Twitter or Ning in their courses, they overwhelmingly responded with the ideas exemplified in these quotes:

“I think [using Facebook] would’ve been easier and a little more comfortable for people because I think pretty much everyone in my class had a Facebook and nobody had either one of these things.”

“I think that [Facebook] is a lot easier for people to use and since people generally get on there every day they are going to see the stuff and invites a lot quicker than others.”

Many of them went on to say how they independently used Facebook to organize study groups, to ask questions of fellow classmates, and to catch up on missed work. (hier schreef ik al eerder over, Facebook als geheime kanaal)

Why do students prefer Facebook over other technologies? 

Almost every student in our sample gave us a variant of the same answer: all their friends/classmates are on Facebook, and it’s easy to use. In other words, Facebook has the user base in order to make academic conversations useful. Plus, since students are “always” on Facebook, it’s easy to see when new comments are made to a post from a class. Some of my research has shown that how students use Facebook is sometimes more important than time spent on the site in terms of grades and student engagement. (zie ook dit eerder bericht) Therefore, college faculty have an opportunity to engage students using Facebook and to help them use the site for educational good. (bron)

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