Wereldwijd onderzoek bij wetenschappers: work-life balance is zoek

De Association for Women in Science (AWIS) publiceerde gisteren cijfers over hoe het werk als wetenschapper te combineren valt met een gezinsleven. Ze bevroegen wereldwijd 4225 onderzoekers die publiceren, zowel mannen als vrouwen. Het beeld is niet zo fraai, de beperkte flexibiliteit in hun werk, ontevredenheid over carrièremogelijkheden en het relatief lage salaris zorgt er voor dat beide geslachten twijfelen over hun job. Het valt vooral op hoe de work-life balance voor wetenschappers vaak ver zoek is.

De opvallendste resultaten:

  • More than half (54%) of all scientists and researchers said that work demands conflict with their personal lives at least 2-3 times per week.
  • Only a third of researchers agreed they work for family friendly institutions. A number said that their employers do not have spousal hire policies or that such policies are not available because of funding cuts.
  • Only half of the women (52%) reported that they are happy with their work-life integration, compared with 61% of men working in research across all fields.
  • One third of researchers say that ensuring good work-life integration has negatively impacted their careers and women (37%) were more likely than men (30%) to say this was the case. For those researchers with dependent children, 36% reported career problems.
  • Nearly 40% of women respondents have delayed having children because of their careers, while 27% of males indicated the same situation. A number of women mentioned waiting until they had a permanent position to get pregnant or noted that they could not afford to start a family on their wages.
  • One in 10 researchers indicated that they expect to leave their current job within the next year. Of those intending to leave, females were twice as likely (12%) as males (6%) to cite a spouse’s job offer or relocation as the reason. Of researchers intending to leave, 9% indicated it was because they were unable to balance work-life integration.

Over het onderzoek:

he survey was released during the convening of Global Experts on Work-Life Family Issues held by AWIS in New York this week and coincides with International Women’s Day and the United Nation’s 56th session of the Commission on the Status of Women. Thirty-six percent of respondents were from Western Europe (including 6% United Kingdom, 6% Italy, 5% Germany, 3% Spain, 3% France). Twenty-eight percent were from North America (24% United States, 4% Canada). Twenty-two percent were from Asia Pacific (including 6% China 4% Japan). Six percent were from Latin America. Six percent were from Eastern Europe. The remaining two percent were from Africa and the Middle East.

The survey results were collected in December 2011 and January 2012 with 4,225 scientists and authors responding. Of the respondents, 80% were married or partnered, 70% were male, 64% worked at a university and 83% worked 40 or more hours per week. Survey respondents were working scientists and researchers who publish academically across all disciplines.


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